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Jun 25, 2017
SLHouse System by වයිට් හැට් [ʀsᴠ] MTA play server ipAddreas - mtasa://



This is a House System resource. It allows you to build a house in any place and with any interior you want. Other players can buy your houses. This script works with SQL database so be sure that address to your resources folder has only english letters.

The House System includes at the moment:

- User-friendly GUI.

- Buying a house.

- Key-protection. You can set your own key, so nobody can enter inside your house!

- Selling a house at half-price of it's price.

- Setting a new owner (if you wanna make a 'little' present for somebody

- Building a house (admins only!)

- Destroying an existing house. (admins only!)

How to install?

Put file in your resources folder. Start resource. You are ready to go!

How can I create my house ?

Well, first of all, you must be logged in as Admin because only Admins can build/destroy houses.

Then, use the command /hpanel to open a house-creating panel. Now you must get over 6 simple steps:

1) Step at the place where you want to make an entrance to your house. Get the coordinates with a 'Pick up coordinates' button. (Fig. 1)

2) Step at the place where you will teleport after you get out of the house and get your coordinates. (Fig. 2)

3) Get inside a house with a /sint ID command, where ID is between 1 and 32 (interior ID's, some of them i've got from kapil's house system, credits to him).

4) Step at the place of the exit and get your coordinates. (Fig. 4)

5) Step at the place where you will teleport after you will enter your house and get your coordinates. (Fig. 5)

6) Put down an Interior ID, dimension (required if you have already built another house in this interior) and the cost. (Fig. 6)

You are done now! Press the 'Create house button'. Note that you DON'T need to restart resource!

I also made a little video that shows you all the steps of creating a house.
You can also destroy your house if something gone wrong. Just get in house marker and press the 'Destroy a house' button. You must have an admin rights for that action.

If you wanna see all the houses on your radar, HOLD the 'I' key. Green house icon means that there is no owner in this house yet, the Red one shows that this house is already occupied by someone. Download SLhouse-System-
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