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Hello everyone,
I am new to forums,please help me to get to know about the procedure of this.
I cant join ur servers,I assume that its cuz of my version, I have v1.1 and now I am going to upgrade it to v1.6 will it be helpful to join u?
dont forget that I ama server admin at -=DW=- and I am a srilankan
What is your in-game nickname (IGN) ? Seeker
What is your full name? Abdul Adl
How old are you? 17
Country and state : Sri Lanka
Languages you speak : English / Sinhala / Tamil
In Which time you Play in eSports Server? Everyday
How many hours can you play every day/week? 8 hours
What is your in-game ping on eSports Server? 50-80
What is your in-game FPS? 250
What is your internet speed and Connection Type? Dialog 4G